Hotmail Account Send Receive Error

Not able to send/receive emails from your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account.

• To reduce spam and junk emails activities Hotmail/Outlook has put a limitation on the number of emails that can be sent in a day if that limit exceeds you can not send any more mails.

• Too many recipients attached in one email. Hotmail/Outlook also limits the number of recipients you can add per email. If you send out emails to a big number of recipients at the same time it wont go through as the system considers it as a spamming activity.

• Content in your Hotmail/Outlook email triggers the system junk filters. Hotmail/Outlook Restricts the email from being sent if it looks like a spam email.

If you don’t receive emails that are being sent to you on your email following could be the following reasons (Hotmail Support)

• The person trying to send the mails to you might have added your email address to blocked list.

• Rules created in your hotmail account might be posing an obstacle for the system to send emails.

• Email forwarding can also be the cause if you have not selected proper setting of the account being forwarded to.

• If your inbox is full you will not receive any mails, try deleting some old emails.

How can I get this problem fixed by Hotmail Support

• I know my password, but can't sign in

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