Hotmail Account or Outlook Account does not exist

When you try to login to your account and it shows a message like “Microsoft Account Does Not Exist”

Hotmail Tech Support

Now the question is why my Hotmail Account or Outlook Account does not exist?

• The error “Microsoft Account Does Not Exist” Usually stand for

The person is using an alias account to login

The user renamed the affected account’s email address in some new account, the original email address will become an alias. Thus trying to login with the affected email address will result in an error which says “Microsoft Account Does Not Exist”

• The person mistyped the email address

Recheck and type the correct email address

• The user did not login the account using a browser within last 365 days in this case the account will get deactivated

How can I fix this problem ?

Go ahead and reset your browser and got to the official hotmail login page. Just below sign in you will see and option “Cant Access Your Account” Click on it.

After this it will give you three options

• I forgot my password

• I know my password, but can't sign in

• I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

Then a page will open like shown in the image below

Hotmail Tech Support

Enter your email address and the special character then follow the instructions which will help you get your account back.

You can also call us on 1-844-235-0093 for instant Hotmail Support and our technicians will help you gain access to your account again.

Our technicians will connect with your computer system using team viewer or gotoassist tool and help you unblock your account. We will also suggest some security measures and security software for making sure that you don’t face the same problem again and again.

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